Pain Management

Efficient pain management first requires an accurate evaluation of the pain in question. At MediLodge of Howell, we provide residents who suffer pain with a complete pain review to establish …
  • precisely where the pain is located
  • the type of pain
  • the intensity and/or frequency of the pain
  • what tends to bring the pain on
  • what personal factors – lifestyle-related and psychological – may have played a role in the pain’s genesis
With this information we can then develop a comprehensive, patient-specific pain management strategy that involves …
  • coordinating the services of our multidisciplinary team: physicians, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists – whoever needs to be involved
  • delivering appropriate pain intervention (pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic)
  • providing regular assessments of pain management outcomes
  • revising the pain management strategy as required to secure lasting pain relief
To learn more, contact MediLodge of Howell. You’ll see that we take pain management seriously – for relief you can rely on.